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Dr. Norman Kwan

This site contains video library of complete clinical procedures of implant cases from single tooth to full edentulous scenarios including complications and their managements.

This site is intended for the dental practitioners who are providing implant treatment alternatives to patients. This new approach using a one-piece abutment-implant and another component for all clinical cases is developed from but different from past techniques. All implant cases were treated with the same standardize components and follows a specific protocol.

Similar to an amalgam restorative protocol, the operator need only to follow established steps with prescribed materials and component, the only uncontrollable factor will be the success of osseointergation, which overall represent about 90%.

While no systems can guarantee success, a well-designed and tested system will be able to provide the basic elements necessary to achieve a high degree of reproducibility. The documentation in x-ray, video and photographic evidences of hundred of cases for the last 10 years validated this approach.

Clinical cases were organized according to jaw anatomical locations and the type of final prosthesis. Every case is carefully documented with detailed video procedures of implant placement, transitional prosthesis, and restorative procedures. Clinical pictures and peri-apical radiographs from pre-treatment to follow up were also posted.

By viewing and comparing these clinical cases with their own similar cases, clinicians will be able to formulate their own treatment road map to final restoration and deal with any complications in a very precise and definitive manner. Every clinical procedure is validated before proceeding to the next step to the final restoration.

Treatment profile such as procedure time, treatment elapsed times and number of visits were recorded only to reflect the complexity of that procedure.
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Please quote specific case number for any questions or comments.


Dr. Norman Kwan

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